• Impact of Ventilation on Ambient Radiation - Investigations into the effect of ventilation on levels of background radiation. Ventilation acts as a proxy for the presence of radioactive radon gas, which can build up in sealed rooms overnight. Experiments in SLBS have suggested there is no difference.
  • Effect of Non-Ionising EM Radiation on the Detector Chip - Investigations into the effects of visible and near-visible wavelength light on the detector chip. Important to decrease effect of sunlight while maximising chip sensitivity. Very much inconclusive and requiring further investigation.
  • Converting LET to Energy - Information on the relationship between energy deposited in the chip and energy of incident particle (not as intuitive as it might seem). Requires further investigation.
  • Describing Pixelman Settings - SLBS year 11 research investigation to determine the effects of the Pixelman settings on the data.
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