Getting Started


To run our software packages you will need to download and install MSYS2, installation instructions for which can be found here.
Basic bash commands may also be found here.


Pixelman is the software used to run the data collection for the chips - it is a freely available download from the Czech Technical University in Prague.
The manual produced for Pixelman is also available here, if extra information is required for any CERN@school experiements.

Processing, Analysis and Presentation of Data

Analysis of data gathered in the field can be analysed using TAPAS (Timepix Analysis Platform at Schools) designed by Will Furnell. A protocol for the use of TAPAS can be found on the most recent data collection protocol on this website.

Calibration of Detectors

To the knowledge of the team leaders, the chips currently in circulation are calibrated. This means that, although they can gather data about the quantity of radiation incident on the chip, as well as how energetic the particles are. If your chip is uncalibrated we are in the process of writing a protocol on how to calibrate it using test pulse parameters. The main issue is that each pixel must be calibrated individually: technically, it is impossible to meaningfully compare energy values collected by different pixels on the same chip prior to calibration.

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