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The Data AcQuisition and Management, and Analysis System (DAQMAP) is used to handle data associated with the Langton Star Centre's research programme.


The DAQMAP LSC Converter

The DAQMAP LSC Converter is software that can convert single frame ASCII Matrix Outputs and ASCII X,Y C files, combined with their DSC Data, into LSC Files
The LSC File was devised as a solution to keep Meta-Data (The DSC file) and Data (Pixelman Frames) into a single file. The specification for LSC files can be found here: LSC Data Format V1

The Windows version of DAQMAP LSC Converter is available here: DAQMAP LSC Converter.


The DAQMAP Project Document Register may be found here.

Some recent documents:

  • DAQMAP User Requirements;
  • LSC Data Format V1.
  • The DAQMAP LSC Converter:
    • The DAQMAP LSC Converter v1.0: User Requirements v1.0 (wiki page, PDF);
    • The DAQMAP LSC Converter v1.0: User's Guide v1.0 (wiki page, PDF).


Current Tasks

  • Document the user requirements for DAQMAPv3 on the DAQMAP User Requirements page - Friday 8th February 2013;
  • Document the file format for Timepix frames on the LSC Data Format V1 wiki page - Wednesday 20th February 2013;

Version History

  • DAQMAP v3.0 - Lithium (in development)
  • DAQMAP v2.0 - Helium (current version);
  • DAQMAP v1.0 - Hydrogen (decommissioned).

Further Information

  • On the Cern@School website, there are video entries on how to operate DAQMAP. These can be accessed by clicking here.
  • DAQMAP can be found here.


  • OST - ku.oc.revrestso|nimda#ku.oc.revrestso|nimda - ''Technical Leader, DAQMAP''
  • Dr Tom Whyntie - ku.hcs.tnek.notgnaleht|eitnyhwt#ku.hcs.tnek.notgnaleht|eitnyhwt - ''STFC Researcher in Residence, the Langton Star Centre''
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