DAQMAP LSC Converter

The DAQMAP LSC Converter is software that can convert single frame ASCII Matrix Outputs and ASCII [X,Y C] files, combined with their DSC Data, into LSC Files. The LSC File was devised as a solution to keep Meta-Data (The DSC file) and Data (Pixelman Frames) into a single file. The specification for LSC files can be found here: LSC Data Format.

User Requirements (v1.0)

The user requirements for for version 1.0 were:

  • The program must run stand-alone from a Windows executable;
  • The user should be able to select a folder containing the Pixelman frame files to be processed:
    • The frame files should be in Pixelman's ASCII matrix or ASCII [x, y c] format;
    • The frame files should have no file extension;
    • The accompanying DSC file for each frame should have the same root name as the frame file and the extension ".DSC".
  • The user should be able to select folder in which to put the LSC output files:
    • The user should be able to create a new folder for the LSC output files if a suitable folder does not already exist.
  • The program should process all of the files in the folder selected by the user and convert them into the LSC file format:
    • The program should add the header
    • The program should extract the DSC information from the DSC file for the frame and add it to the LSC file header for the frame.
    • The program should extract the hit information from the frame file and add it to the body of the LSC file in the [x, y c] format.

User's Guide

To use the DAQMAP LSC Converter:

  • Download the Windows executable from here. The file can be downloaded to anywhere but the Windows Desktop may be most convenient.
  • Double click on the icon of the downloaded program. This will run the program. On the resulting dialogue box, click "Run" - you trust us, right?
  • You should now see the main dialogue box of the DAQMAP LSC Converter:
  • Select the folder containing the Pixelman frame files you wish to convert to LSC format.
  • Select the destination folder for the soon-to-be created LSC format files.
  • Click on the "Convert" button. The progress bar should indictate the, um, progress the program has made. You should be informed of how it's all gone with a little message box.
  • All being well, you should now have the frames in LSC format in the folder you specified above, ready for uploading to the DAQMAP. Congratulations!


  • No LSC files have been created in the directory I specified
    • Were the original frame files in ASCII Matrix or ASCII [x,y c] format?
    • Did the original frame files have a file extension (i.e. FFFFF.[something])? If they did, the processing won't work.


  • Version 1.0: here (Windows executable).

Source Code (v1.0)

Please follow the link here.

User Reported Bugs

  • TW - I've noticed that "0, 256" is added to the end of the LSC files when run on ASCII Matrix files. Can you verify please?

User Requirements (v2.0)

  • The user should be able to add comments to all output files in the batch that will be added via a COMM entry in the LSC header.
  • The user should be able to select file extensions for frame and DSC files.

Version History

  • Version 1.0: Converts ASCII matrix or ASCII [x,y,c] format to the LSC format.

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