Vince Cable Data


Vince Cable is visiting the school on Tuesday the 23rd September, and the RAY project is presenting to him. Rather than just going over the theory, we are keen to show him some actual data from schools across the country - you! To do this, we need data, and we need you to collect it!


  • Date: Friday 19th September
  • Time: Any time during the day
  • Location: Close to your school, e.g. the games field or playground. Keep the detector out of direct sunlight (if you're lucky) and away from rain (if you're less lucky).
  • Collect data using the method outlined in the guide given to you at the conference and available here.
  • Upload data to ArcGIS, to RAY Map 1.0. The feature can be created manually or with the Collector app.

Analysis (OPTIONAL)

Download the Analysis Virtual Machine (press the download button in the top toolbar) and import it into VirtualBox. Follow the instructions in the guide to analyse the data - talk to Johnny (@johnnyal) on Slack if you have problems.


Record your experiment here when you have finished, copying the template below.


  • Date: 19/9/14
  • Time: hh-mm
  • Location: Your School
  • Researchers: Your Names
  • Link to data on ArcGIS: here
  • Comments on the procedure: rainy
  • Analysis: upload a PDF of the webpage the software produces to this page (scroll down, select "Files", "Upload a file from your computer") and link to it here


This data is being presented to Vince Cable as an illustration of how well schools across the country can work together to do scientific research. All of your names will be credited in the presentation, as well as the name of your school.

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